Regulated Agents

The issue of aviation security became the focus of European and German legislators after the terrorist attacks of 11 September 2001. Hence, new security measures were implemented in order to prevent terrorists from further threatening civil aviation. These security measures included the development of the so-called secure supply chain, which includes all actors and measures related to the shipment of air cargo in compliance with legal security requirements. The regulated agent is a link in the secure supply chain. As one of the few companies approved by the German Federal Aviation Authority (Luftfahrtbundesamt) as a Regulated Agent (Reglementierter Beauftragter, RegB), we offer you the status "secured" for your shipments.

Listed in the list of Regulated Agents under authorisation number DE/RA/01444-01

Your advantages:

  • A significantly accelerated goods processing at the airport;
  • No additional controls like x-rays, sniffing etc. at the airport;
  • No additional costs due to airport x-ray;
  • Bypassing the possible backlog at the airports;
  • Non-loading onto the aircraft due to a control not being carried out in time is excluded;
  • Sensitive goods which, due to their nature, must not be x-rayed as they would otherwise become unusable, can still be sent by air freight.