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Direct and special trips

The direct and special transport department delivers urgent goods directly from door to door, as quickly as possible nationally and throughout Europe. A simple phone call is all that separates you from the transport of your shipment. When every minute matters, your conveyor belt stands still or spare parts are missing, M3 Logistics GmbH has vehicles of various sizes ready to start for you as soon as possible.

Partial and complete loads

M3 Logistics GmbH offers bespoke solutions for your partial and complete loads, nationally as well as throughout Europe. A flexible service offered for FTL or LTL guarantees you the safe and punctual transport of your goods to all conceivable destinations with the lowest risk of damage and the strictest adherence to delivery dates.

Fixed tour transfer

Do you have goods that need to be distributed at different locations? M3 Logistics GmbH offers timely deployment of your vehicles, continuous and smooth processes. Hence, M3 Logistics GmbH ensures a punctual, flawless and impeccable transport process.

Value-added services

M3 Logistics GmbH offers assistance in the transfer of goods to the desired customs procedure. M3 Logistics GmbH also reliably handles all necessary customs formalities for European export and import. The transport of dangerous goods is governed by various national and international regulations. In the case of dangerous-goods transport, M3 Logistics GmbH will answer your queries and provide advice in regard to individual cases.

On-Board-Courier / Air-Charter

In the on-board courier sector, M3 Logistics GmbH offers a personalised transport service, where an experienced courier accompanies a time-critical delivery from pickup to delivery. Charter flights can be considered for those orders that are so tight that no other means of transport can be used. If automotive parts are required to maintain production or an aircraft part must be delivered for an aircraft with a technical defect, M3 Logistics GmbH will be happy to help you.

Thermal transport

M3 Logistics GmbH has expanded its¬ competence and¬ capacity in recent years with respect to¬ temperature-controlled transport. ¬ From -25°C to +25°C, we ensure every transport assignment is accomplished at the ideal temperature. An unbroken cold chain is guaranteed, as is documented¬ with¬ temperature recorders. ¬All procedures follow the¬ international guidelines GDP (Good Distribution Practices) for logistics and transport.